Wish For Allie

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Duckaling Jack o'latern Soup-Head"

When Allie was a baby, someone dear to us (don't recall whom), gave our new bouncing baby girl the softest, bright yellow, stuffed animal duckling. At about age 3, Allie named this duck. Which was great because up until then, every stuffed animal was called what it looked like. For example, the brown bear was called "Bear". Her white bunny was called "Bunny". So we as parents were glad to hear she named her stuffed duck. And, we knew right away that she had the creative gene in her. She named the cute stuffed animal "Duckaling Jack o'latern Soup-Head". WOW! We laughed and giggled of course. We had no idea where or what universe those words came from. We were delighted to say the least. This name has stuck throughtout the years. We still have "Duckaling Jack o'latern Soup-Head". It has faded and lost some softness due to all the machine washing. But it still has a place in our home. A few other notable names she has come up with for her stuffed animals are: "Blueberry" which is a soft dog, "Catty" for her two caterpillars, "Fluffy" for her white dog, and "Blankie" for her baby blanket. These items bring her calmness, security, and comfort which is the best and easiest medicine to manage!