Wish For Allie

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Neighbors - the good and the bad

The past 10 years neighbors have always been there. Four houses, four different cities. Some neighbors are nice, others not. Why are women, mothers against each other almost like turf wars? Shouldn't mothers be all on the same team? I have two stories to "vent about".
In 2007 our Allie was age 4. She was finding out how to be friends. The little girl down the street was a year younger. Allie as she always does, told the little girl she didn't like her brown skirt. The mother came up to me and said, "I do not want our girls playing together from here on out". I am not kidding! I told the mom how sorry I was.  I explained she has a neurological disorder and she says what is on her mind. This was before an asperger's diagnosis. The mother did not want to hear of what I was saying.

The years go by. And we get really great neighbors here and there. The latest story puzzles me. Allie now is 10 and at school. I offered to watch a neighbors baby at 3:00 pm while she takes her other two children somewhere. I have a baby at home myself. No problem. The babies can stare at each other!  That morning around 10:30 the phone rang and it was Allies school teacher. "Allie had a big seizure just now, she is sleeping". I called E to tell him please go get Allie, (generally more seizures follow). I phoned the neighbor and explained that Allie has seizures, she is at school and E went to pick her up. I am sorry I cannot watch your baby today".  This crazy women, got so flustered she could barely speak. I don't know if she really understood what a seizure was. I call her crazy because she actually hung up on me. HUNG UP!! How old are we? I sobbed after that. I don't know why. I guess I felt like shit.

So moving forward I will not allow myself "out there" anymore. I will not push our selves on anyone because I do not know how they will do with special needs kids. No more!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Seizures from RAW Cookie Dough

Allie and I made chocolate chip cookies. We even got our chef's hats on too! I was getting the pans out and she was stirring and I saw that she snuck some cookie dough. Then she said can I lick the spoon and the bowl? I said yes. I should have said no. Allie had shooting stomach pains an hour after eating it. Then at 1:00 in the morning she threw up all over her bed about three times. Then the entire night every hour she had severe explosive diarrhea for the next 24 hours. Her seizures came the next day. They were every hour. The worst seizure episode in her entire life. We had to give her Diazapam 4 times in 48 hours. The side effect is stumbling,  dizzy, slurred words and sleepy. Terrible 48 hours. It took a toll on all of us.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Moving to Colorado

Better seizure treatment for Allie. After 10 years with epilepsy and 10 failed seizure drugs. Our discussion with her neurologist in 2012 was talks of VNS implant. Surgery.
So when we saw an amazing documentary from Dr. Gupta https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAFu-Ihwyzg - we were set for the west!
Let us try a plant before surgery! Medical marijuana is helping kids with seizures. Low on THC high on CBD this strain will cut seizures and not get her high. The thought of less seizures is the only goal in sight as of today and we are hoping to find that this June!
We are pulling up deep roots and moving to Colorado June 2014. We Sold our house in 33 hours after listing it! New baby, new school, new lifestyle...whew! More to come!