Wish For Allie


How much would a family spend to heal their child? Doesn't matter. That is the way Eric and I feel.  The word sacrifice is harsh in my opinion. You just do. Do anything humanly possible to try everything medically safe to help your child live a better and healthier life.  Yes, the financial drain for a child with special needs is topic that cannot be ignored.  But, it you have never been through it, then you cannot understand the true hard knock choices you make.

It humbled me when going through bio medical treatments. The vitamins, the organic diet, the devices, oils, health products, videos, books, Dr. bills, and lab bills. We put up the money without blinking. We hoped this next Dr. visit would give us a cure. Going through that intensive work out for over a year it humbled my thinking. Step back and thought we are together as a family, we have a great townhouse, great safe location, we have good food, we are super lucky to have all of this stuff. Made me think the basics health, shelter, food and love really is everything you need to get through another day.

Approximately 10 years ago give or take a year, my sister said, about her husband, "I would live in a shoebox with my husband." I paused, it hit me hard. I did not feel that. The pressure of being that connected and loving to your spouse. I was sad. Fast forward 10 years, and I truly can say that phrase and mean it.

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