Wish For Allie


Allie's A.M. meds are in the white boxes. P.M. meds in the blue.

I use this drug checker website to check drug interactions:

Vimpat 100 mg twice daily - seizure control. Side effect is loose stool.
Depakote 250 mg once daily - seizure control. Side effect is aggressive behaviors.
Citalopram 5 mg once daily - anxiety control.
Clonazepam 2mg as needed first sign of seizure. Stops a cluster
Haleigh's Hope CBD oil 1 mg daily
Vienva 1mg daily bc pill for seizure and mood control 
Acidophilus colon health PRN.
Melatonin for sleep PRNEczema cured from vanicreme ointment applied right after shower!

Lorazapam 2 MG quick dissolve seizure control PRN. Horrible rage effects post.
Topamax for seizure control. D/C due to break through seizures.
Keppra for seizure control. D/C due to bad rages, aggression.
Trilliptal for seizure control. D/C due to break through seizures.
Phenobarbital for seizure control. D/C used for short term in 2004.
Tennex/Guanfacine body rocking control used for years low does worked well. High dose of 1 mg tid caused extreme aggression. 
Abilify for mood stabilizer. D/C due to non-effective.
Citalopram for mood stabilizer. D/C read about black box label, on it for only 6 weeks. 
Ritalin for mood stabilizer. D/C really high energy, increased rages.
Lamictal for seizure control. D/C higher doses caused extreme aggression and rages. 
Riseridone for rages. D/C due to weight gain, OCD with food, bad behavior.
Intuniv for rages. D/C due to weight gain.
Zyprexa for rages. D/C non effective during rage, then zombie effect next 24 hours.
Fish oil for biomedical treatment. D/C due to daily nose bleeds.
Epi pen peanut allergy PRN. D/C grew out of allergy.
Vitaspectrum for biomedical treatment. D/C due to rash on arms.
Flinstones MV. D/C break for a while.
Claritin for allergies. D/C aggression.
B12 Injections biomedical treatment. D/C fatigue.
Fluconizole for yeast die off. PRN. Works well.
Protopic ointment for eczema patches. PRN. Eczema cured from vanicreme ointment.
Topicort ointment (steroid) short term use for eczema. PRN
Sprintec (Ortho -Cyclen bc) mood stabilizer, seizure control. D/C aggression.
Reclipsen mood stabiziers, seizure control. D/C aggression.

Meds 4-18-12
  1. Lamictal 62.5 twice daily - anti seizure.
  2. Depakote 125 mg twice daily - anti seizure.
  3. Guanfacine 0.5 mg three times daily - body rocking.
  4. Levocarnitine 330 mg twice daily - Depakote depleats the caritine levels.
  5. B Complex with Vit C - deficiencies.
  6. Prima Acadophilus chewables - digestive support.
  7. Melatonin 5 mg at bedtime - promotes sleep.
  8. Cal-Mag 300/330 twice daily - dietary supplement.
  9. Vitamin D3 1000 IU once daily - dietary supplement.
  10. Lorazapam 1mg p.r.n. - at first sign of seizure, stop cluster seizures.
  11. Epi Pen p.r.n. - peanut allergy. 
Past Meds - I keep the past medication bottles. They have accurate information if I ever need to reference them. 

  1. Topamax - had break through seizures..
  2. Keppra - bad rages, aggression .
  3. Triliptal - had break through seizures.
  4. Phenobarbital - narcotic to stop seizures, temporary only.
  5. Abilify - non-effective.
  6. Risperdal - weight gain.
  7. Intuniv - weight gain.
  8. Zyprexa - zombie effect for 24 hours.
  9. Fish oil - daily nose bleeds.
  10. Vitaspectrum - rash on arms.
  11. Flinstones MV - she got sick of the taste.
  12. Ibuprofen - blood in urine.
  13. Ritalin and Concerta - bad post rages.
  14. Claritin - bad tempertantrums.
  15. B12 injections - really tired. May try again in future.
  16. Citalopram/Celexa 10 mg once daily, was prescribed never taken.
  17. Curcumin - bloody noses
  18. Fluconizole - yeast die off.

Rash on both arms from Vitaspectrum. 

"The bottom line... my recommended approach and timing for taking a probiotic supplement are... Take it prior to eating breakfast with a glass of pure water. Wait 10-15 minutes after taking it before you eat because stomach acid from your meal could impact some of the 'good' bacteria (you could lose 5-10%). Avoid taking it within 3 hours of taking any antibiotic..." - Dr. Mercola. http://probiotics.mercola.com/probiotics.html

Depakote Levels - and blood toxicity levels are drawn every 60 days.
January 12, 2009        - level 67 -had break through seizure.
May 26 2009             - level 119 
March 19, 2010          - level 87 -had breakthrough, had bladder infection, on ceftin
March 25, 2010          - level 73  -still on ceftin, headaches
April 21, 2010          - level 72    -seizure today. unknown reason for low levels (maybe growing)
Jan 13, 2010            - level 16.9         
May 28, 2011            - level 37         
June 20, 2011           - level 76.2  -July 4-6 seizures for 48 hours