Wish For Allie


Therapy in a clinic setting in my opinion has not worked. The driving to and from is stressful. The clinic is fun and I always felt Allie went there for play. I have done this on and off with out consistancy for years.
OT waiting lists are long. We are on three. We do alot of at home therapy with mom and dad.

At home "play therapy" started Summer 2011. We wanted something better more structured. Fraser Center, based in Minneapolis, MN, started us with 4 hours of a therapist coming to our home for social and managing her rages. 5 months of this has helped with a few coping tools, but have not seen significant changes. We have a therapist come once a week to help me and dad use some coping tools. W have started to use the Nurtured Heart Approach and has seen some improvement with rage control. This is new to us will report back.

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